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The Indian Swimming League

TISL is an exciting and innovative initiative by Gamatics India Pvt Ltd to popularize swimming as sports in Indian context across all age, gender, and geography.

The sports will be taken closer to the people by showcasing the finer aspects of training and competition through a reality show followed by real-time competitions every week for 4 weeks followed by MEGA FINAL in the 5th week

How it

TISL is a unique sports-based reality show which comprises of both real time training and high energy competitions. 5 week program which will consists of 4 week rigorous training, 4 weekend competitions and one mega final week where selected swimmers will fight for the title. The complete program is designed by highly qualified coaches with the support of sports experts –Nutritionists, Psychologists, Physiotherapist, Sports Science & Technology Experts etc.


Swimmers across India will be asked to apply for the program using Gamatics APP. Based on the previous performances, top 400 swimmers will be invited to give trial to record the current performance. Total of 8 teams will be formed consisting of 10 swimmers in each team.


Each team will be assigned with one Head Coach, One assistant coach and team of experts. Each team will work together to attain the supremacy in swimming as sports and train to compete fiercely for the title.


Competitions will be scheduled every weekend for 4 weeks. Points will be assigned to the winners and the teams based on their performances. 5th week will be mega final where all the teams with their earned points will compete fiercely for the title. The points format will be designed to make sure that teams should be in a good form for each of the competition including the Mega Finals event to win the title.


Each weekend winners will be given prizes and hampers. Additional special prizes will be awarded to mvps, winning team coaches and his support team. The final title, first and second runner winning team will be awarded with cash prizes along with championship trophies


  •   Historically, the top countries in the Olympics have bagged a large number of medals in swimming. In the last five Olympics USA has won about 31% of their total medals in swimming.

  •   There is a great opportunity for any country because of the sheer number of events that take place in aquatics. Today, we don’t stand anywhere in swimming at the Olympic level but there is a huge potential in the sport if we act with dedication, proper planning and adequate resources.

  •   India is blessed with vast coast line and also thousands of river and water bodies making it a gold mine of swim talents. Scouting and supporting these talents can change the complete landscape of sports in India.


( Reality Show )

Live telecasting the competitions rarely create interest among common people and they miss out the finer aspects of training. People take time to connect with sports and the players and direct telecast of competitions cannot address the gap. Our effort is not only to increase the fan base for swimming as sports, but also make people adopt swimming which is a lifesaving sport! We strongly believe that showcasing both the training and competitions can be more impactful and effective

  • Can connect with common people easily

    Swimming as a recreation sports is enjoyed by many Indians, but swimming as sports is not very popular among common people. Reality shows take the sports closer to common people and teach them the nitty-gritty’s of the training, finer aspects of competition preparation etc. The finer aspects of the sports will be well articulated in simple and easy format for common people to understand so that they are motivated to take up sports and also seek excellence in it.
  • Can make sports talents real heroes

    Many reality-shows and sports leagues have proven that participants with real talents become real heroes in this entire process. The stardom and fame they earn during the show open lot of opportunities for them.
  • Can help identify hidden talents

    The yearly program will help us scout the best hidden talents across the country over the period of time. The popularity of the show will make people adopt the sport, practice it and excel in the same so that they can be part of such shows and also take part in various competitions.
  • Opportunity for these talents to get support and sponsorships

    The true talent with stardom can open lot of sponsorship opportunities for these swimmers. They become marketable assets for brands to invest and it will be win-win situation for both sports talents and brands.
  • Can create job opportunities in Sports Domain for many

    Sports is a vast industry. Most of the people assume that career in sports is limited to only playing sports. But through this show, we will be creating awareness about the different verticals of sports expertise and technology inclusion. This will remove blindfolds of many and we will see lot more youngsters picking careers in sports industry and thus filling in the demand of such expertise in the system.
  • People will be motivated to take up sports as a career

    There is absolutely no clarity among youngsters about sports career progression and benefits of sports. Educating them through this show will help them understand the direct and indirect benefits sports can bring to them, their family and the society. The show will cover the government schemes, private organization interests, CSR focus in sports, career opportunities, benefits and many other finer aspects of sports.
  • Visibility for coaches, sports specialists' fields

    The coaches and sports specialists hardly have visibility among common people. Not many understand the importance of coaching methodology, importance of communication, body language, mental toughness, injury management, nutrition guidelines etc w.r.t performance of the player. Show covering the expert discussions, their real time implementation on swimmers during both training and competition will uncover the myths about these fields and also provide visibility to them.
  • Importance of sports gets noted by viewers

    The show will cover the benefits of adopting sports by an individual in details – health benefits, positive habits, the excellence they showcase in every walk of their life, the long-term benefits in academics and career, the upliftment of society around them etc. Our main focus here to make people adopt sports and excel in it. So, we will make sure that the show will motivate everyone who will be watching it.



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